Sunday, 6 May 2012

Turkey and Sweet Potato Pie

Calling everyone on a diet everywhere! Unless you are doing a crazy diet that cuts out a whole food group, this is one healthy recipe you can’t afford to leave out of your repertoire!

This recipe is low in fat – thanks to the lean turkey mince! Is jam-packed full of vegetables, making sure you get your five-a-day. And most of all it is full of flavour! It really is proof you never have to go bored or hungry on a diet ever again.

The turkey mince I have used is the best of British and can be bought fresh from all good supermarkets, and I’ve also used a slightly more unusual ingredient, Peppadew peppers! Very tasty, sweet little preserved peppers which give you a bit more of a kick than normal fresh red peppers would.

Also sweet peppers are coming into season so if you can get your hands on some they'd also go really well in this.



  1. We do one like this in my house with leftover chilli, it goes great with the sweet potato! I always use turkey mince as well, it's so much nicer. This sounds amazing!!


  2. Oooh I havent tried turkey mince in chilli! Good Idea! :)

  3. This looks lovely! I might give it a go. I love shepherds pie so this might be worth trying as a healthy alternative. xx

    1. Thanks Abi! It's a favourite in our house now. It's lighter than Shepherds Pie so it's good when the weather gets a little warmer.



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