Sunday, 26 May 2013

[BBQ Recipe] Sizzling Summer Prawns

Sizzling on the BBQ

Today I got way, way, WAY too excited. For the most part of the day I had been shut away in my little study revising for my upcoming exams. My Mum has gone away for a long weekend (by which I mean 5 whole days) to sun herself by the sea with her two best friends, which left my Dad and I to our own devices.
After being cooped up all day I wanted to get out and enjoying the sunshine and before I knew it I’d inadvertently convinced my Dad to whack on the BBQ.

As soon as he said yes I instantly perked up. We’re having a BBQ! That means one thing and one thing only – COOKING!

I rummaged through our fridge and found various goodies – loads of salad, king prawns and paneer. Not to mention bulgur wheat, chillies and lemons and limes lounging around. We just needed a few little extras so I sent Mr KG and my Dad off to the shops to grab them before they closed for the day.

Garlic, lime, chilli, ginger, coriander and prawns

Without a doubt I got carried away. I was trying to think up fresh, tasty and healthy dishes – and I did just that! The problem was I came up with too many. But, you can’t help but over indulge at a BBQ so we sat outside on the patio just the three of us and enjoyed the goodies I’d cooked up.

I’ll be sharing each of the recipes I made over the next few weeks – I think one every Saturday from now on, for those of you who are blessed with time on your hands at the weekend, and sunshine of course!

This week though, I’d like to share with you my Sizzling Summer Prawns. Flavoured with lime, chilli and coriander to name but a few, they are a real burst of summer sunshine. They go fab with the char grilled courgette and bulgur wheat salad I’ll be sharing soon too.
The key to locking in the flavour is to marinade them, so make sure you give them at least 30-45mins to rest. This really should be the bare minimum. If you know you’re having a BBQ in advance then why not leave them in the fridge overnight! Simply cover them with cling film and they’ll sit happily soaking up all of the juices.

Prawns marinating
If you really love your spices (or alternatively can’t stand the heat) adjust the chilli accordingly. Go on your own personal taste – you know best!
If you’re happy to try anything – then stick to the recipe and whack these on your Barbie.

Here’s to many more weekends filled with sunshine. Enjoy.

Dinner is served
As well as the Summer Sizzling Prawns we made:
·         Char Grilled Tuna Steak
·         Courgette and Bulgur Wheat Salad
·         Paneer Kebabs
·         Homemade Lemon and Limeade
Over the next few Saturdays I’ll be sharing these recipes (and adding the links here). In the meantime keep popping back to the blog to find out more.
If you can’t wait that long, here are some BBQ recipes I made earlier:
·         Sea Bass

·         BBQ’d New Potatoes

·         BBQ Stuffed Musrhooms

·         Coleslaw

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