Saturday, 8 June 2013

[BBQ Recipe] Barbequed Courgette and Bulgur Wheat Salad

Barbequed Courgette and Bulgur Wheat Salad

It can be really difficult to watch your weight when heading to a BBQ with friends and family. There will be a mountain of meat, some sumptuous fish, and if you’re lucky the odd veggie kebab on the BBQ too. The table of sides often isn’t much better with mayonnaise laden potato salads, coleslaw swimming in yet more mayonnaise and sugary condiments.

My Mum and I are often the bringers of “green salad” to these kind of events but the limp lettuce tends to get pushed around the plate. One leaf might make its way into a burger bun if its lucky.
With that in mind I’ve started making a conscious effort to serve up more exciting salads when cooking up a storm around a BBQ.

Before I thought if people weren’t willing to eat a simple green salad, why would they be willing to try a cous-cous or bulgur wheat one? I won’t lie to you, I have had mixed success in this regard. My Nan and Grandad simply won’t touch the stuff, but it turns out the rest of my family are much more willing to try new things.
With that in mind here’s one of my favourites. It’s a warm salad with the courgette grilled and served over the fluffy bed of bulgur wheat at the last minute. This gives it a bit of theatre and people feel like they’re not betraying the BBQ!

I also believe that this salad goes quite well with a whole range of BBQ options – sausages and burgers as well as fish will all feel at home next to this salad. The flavours are quite simple but seriously tasty and the olive oil gives the dish a rounded, warming taste of summer that compliments almost anything it’s served alongside.
The only way I’m going to convince you though is to get you to cook it yourself! Print off this recipe below and see for yourself just how tasty it is.

So there it is, an incredibly simple salad that will get your guests eating salad without even realising it! Make a point of showing them how the courgette for the salad is prepared, so they feel like it’s just another treat off the Barbie to convince the more carnivorous guests!

I cooked this delicious salad on Bank Holiday Monday allongside these other delicious BBQ treats, why not give them a try too:

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